O, Christmas Fair

Christmas is in four days (and Hannukah starts in three!), so ’tis the season for holiday markets! Depending on where you’re located, they may also be called Craft Fairs, Marché de Noël, Nutcracker Market, Marché de Casse Noisette, Artisan Fair; you get the point. If you live anywhere near a church with a basement, or in a city with a community center, then you’ve probably been to a craft show. They tend to occur more during the holiday season, and while it seems like the underlying idea behind them is clear, I’ve found that they really vary from market to market. And the main thing that seems to vary is the vendors.  Continue reading


To Market, To Market…

To buy a fat pig! Wait. That’s not right. More like, to see lots of beautiful fabric, right? This past weekend was the International Quilt Market in Houston, TX, and while I wasn’t there myself, I was sort of there in spirit. Backup to a couple of years ago when I lucked into sewing projects for a fabric company, Camelot Fabrics, which is based in Montreal. I’d heard of Camelot, I even have a lot of their fabric, but I had no idea they were in Montreal. It was a pleasant surprise and the stars must have aligned because here we are, two years later and I’m still getting to work on some cool projects. Continue reading

A Very Vermont Wedding Weekend

Ok so here are some things that I know: 1) It’s been a LONG time since I wrote a blog post. Suddenly working part time again plus normal summer activities plus trips meant that I was just so busy and sitting down to write didn’t happen. 2) I’m so sick of hearing/reading about/seeing/thinking about Donald Trump that I needed to do something to distract myself and hopefully distract others as well. 3) If you’re getting married at the height of summer, there is hardly a more beautiful place than the mountains of Vermont. Continue reading

A Labor of Love

Let me tell you something about quilts. The amazing thing about quilts is that you can never have too many of them. I know, because I’m currently sitting under 5 of them. Six, if you count the table runner I’m working on hand binding for a wedding this weekend. Now, I love sewing bags as well as my own clothing, and I give bags as gifts a lot of times. But really, it’s difficult to give someone clothing, there are too many details that go into getting a good fit. And while bags are popular, how many can you carry at one time? Very few people rotate their bags often, so they only have a few that they love. But quilts on the other hand, will always be put to good use. Continue reading

The Aspen Tunic from Serendipity Studio

Happy Thursday all! That means that tomorrow is Friday, which means it’s the weekend! My husband and I are planning to go to the Montreal Beer Festival, and I’ve never been before, so I’m extremely excited! I love beer, but with all the liquor laws where we live it’s difficult to get any sort of variety. Now that summer is creeping up and I’ll likely be outside more, I’m starting to sew more tops and dresses to wear (shorts too!). So this week I made an Aspen Tunic from Serendipity Studio in blue diamond rayon from Cotton and Steel. Continue reading

Welcome! And what is ‘Liming’??

Hey, I’m so glad you found me! I’ve decided to (finally) start documenting my personal sewing journey. On average, I sew every day, or do something related to sewing; like cut out pattern pieces, prep quilt blocks, read sewing blogs, visit my sewing Facebook groups, or browse patterns and fabric that I’d love to purchase (but probably can’t afford). Hopefully I’ll remember to write as often as possible, but I may miss a project here and there. Continue reading