Hey there! Welcome to Soca Sewing, where I share projects I’m working on, interesting info, and likely, photos of my dogs at some point.

But what does Soca Sewing mean? Well, mainly I’ll be talking about sewing and other craft endeavors, so that’s pretty self explanatory. It’s strange to say, but I’ve been sewing for about 20 years.  I took a clothing class at the strong encouragement of my mother when I was a freshman in high school.  It turns out I was pretty good at it and I really enjoyed it. Here I am, two decades later, still enjoying it.

The Soca part has two meanings. The first refers to Southern California, where I was born and raised. I haven’t lived there in quite awhile, but I try to visit as often as I am able, and I miss the ocean immensely.

The second meaning refers to soca music, found in the Caribbean. My mother in law is from the Caribbean and since meeting her son all those years ago, I have been introduced to soca, parang, dancehall, and the list goes on. Sewing makes me happy, and listening to soca music makes me happy too. So I like to do them together! I currently live in (frigid) Canada (and I really miss the ocean, see above), so many times I’ll play music that makes me feel like I’m somewhere else. I imagine that I’m on an island somewhere with a view of the sea, and it’s the ultimate relaxation! Plus, try listening to that music and not feeling happy!

I hope you’ll follow along as I share what I’m working on! Also look for me on Instagram @soca_sewing!

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