New Web Store and Discount!

Just popping in to let everyone know that I now have an online store!

I spent a very busy May making and selling masks for friends, family, and strangers. My MO was to work towards the customers criteria; they would tell me what colors and patterns they liked, and I would curate a fabric selection for them to choose from. While this did work, and the customer ended up pleased with their product, it just wasn’t sustainable time-wise. Pulling all the fabrics, arranging them for multiple photos, taking photos, sending the photos, waiting for feedback…you get the idea. One friend gave me a few colors to work with and after putting together a collection of probably 25-30 choices, her reply was “keep digging.” No thank you.

{Who doesn’t love Pink Flamingos for summer?}

So I decided that I would make ready to wear masks in some of the more popular fabrics and patterns that I thought would sell, and put them on a website. This way people can peruse what I have ready to ship and order directly from the site. No emails back and forth or trying to discern colors in poor lighting or confusion. As a small business, it really makes me feel more official too. I can print packing slips and shipping labels, and I save time when I go to the post office. Before I would mail packages and I’d have to decide on the spot which shipping rate I wanted and then I’d have to reconcile shipping fees from my own account, but now it’s all done at one time and when I get to the post office, I just hand them the package. It saves so much time!


The masks are available in three different sizes, (kids, regular adult, and roomy adult), and feature soft earloop elastic and a nose wire for a better fit. There’s also a space between the exterior and lining to insert a filter if you so choose. I can also offer ties instead of elastic; you just need to let me know upon purchase.

{The Nautical Collection}

Currently I’m only selling masks, but I have plans to expand the inventory. One thing that will hopefully come soon is small zipper pouches that you can use to carry your dirty and clean masks so that you always know which is which. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

And in the meantime, I’d love to offer you a discount, dear blog reader, of 10% off your total purchase! Use code BLOG10 when you checkout and thank you for your support!

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