Liola Archie Skirt

Well it’s been awhile, again, since I blogged about anything. I know 2020 has been a tough year for pretty much everyone, but for me 2019 was much worse. I didn’t sew really at all, I started a graduate school program 90 minutes away from home, and my dog passed away. There was a lot going on. But back in March of this year (remember March?), along with most of the rest of the world, we were put under lockdown, so I started sewing again. People asked for masks, so I churned those out. Then I got back into garments and quilting, and pattern testing! I’m excited to share this pattern I just tested because it’s really fast and super cute!

The Archie Skirt comes from Liola Patterns, which is an Australian pattern designer, and I’ve made many of her patterns. There was a pattern tester call for a simple skirt earlier in the year and I was really excited about it, until I realized it was for little girls. ☹️ Bummer. It reminded me a lot of the Milkmaid Skirt that I made years ago, but that skirt was from a tutorial and I really wanted to have a pattern to cut instead of measuring and drawing it myself. A couple of months after that initial pattern tester call-out, there was another call-out, but this time it was an adult version of the skirt. Yes! I applied and was chosen to test!

I won’t go into too many details about this pattern, because it really is straightforward and simple. It’s an elastic waisted skirt the hits right above the knee. It’s perfect for any skill level. The pattern was well drafted and the instructions are minimal, so the risk of messing anything up is pretty low. I like that it has an elastic waist, with optional drawstring, and it’s a 2 inch wide elastic so it’s comfortable on your waist. It also has a fun curved hem, which is more interesting than just a straight hem. And of course, POCKETS!! Why every women’s pattern doesn’t have pockets I’ll never understand. You could also add piping detail to the pocket, which I think just looks so cute. Not to mention the whole thing can go together in about an hour. You can make a skirt for every day of summer!

Another thing that’s great about a pattern like this is that it’s pretty flexible in regard to which types of fabric you can use. I made my first version in a regular quilting cotton, and the second I made out of rayon. Other testers used linen and more stable knits. Plus you can lengthen it as well. Lots of options! So I’ll leave you with my fit photos, and let you know that the pattern is on sale through July 12th! You can find it here.

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