Long Time, No Post.

It seemed like it had been awhile since I wrote a blog post, so I decided to check. Yep, it’s been three months. Woops. I think it was a combination of things; the outcome of the US election, then the holidays, then the inauguration, then just wanting to hide from the outside world and the internet. I still can’t watch the news. My husband and I also took a trip to Ontario for five days in January, and in February we both got the flu, which laid us up for a couple of weeks. But, just because I haven’t been writing, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been sewing! It feels as though my “to-sew” list is never ending, so I’m sharing what I’ve been working on. 

These projects are all in various states of being finished. Some are still in a planning stage, some are a few steps away from completion, some have just been added to the list. And I have such trouble with my attention span, that I have to work on more than one thing at a time, so that when I get bored, I can rotate between projects.


I signed up for this Riley Blake Creative Rockstar Challenge through the Modern Quilt Guild back in the fall. Part of me wanted the free fabric (I’m being honest!), but I also wanted to use the colors to make something special, since they were our wedding colors. I’ve had about twenty different ideas, but finally had a brainstorm and settled on a design. For the most part I’m paper piecing and improv piecing this. I really hope it turns out how it looks in my brain! I received the fabric in February and have until the end of April to get it finished. Status: Very close to completion. One last small block to make, then sandwich it and quilt it.


Meet Florence Flamingo; isn’t she beautiful? Because I can’t resist signing up for a swap, I also joined this mini-swap through the Modern Quilt Guild back in the fall. I think it’s fun to sew for someone else, but I also look forward to the surprise I’m going to receive.  I had to have this finished and mailed off to it’s recipient by the end of February. We were only given the name of the person we were to sew for, not the person who was sewing for us, so we were encouraged to get on Instagram to get a feel for our recipient’s style. We also filled out a short survey with our likes and dislikes.  I saw that my recipient was a fan of bright colors and Elizabeth Hartman patterns, as was I! So this was a perfect excuse to buy myself the new Florence Flamingo pattern. 🙂 I had the perfect beachy and sandy fabric for the background, and honestly, I really wanted to keep her. But, she went to a good home on BC, and I know my partner was happy with her! Status: Done and dusted.

photo (2).JPG

Oh look, another swap project. (You saw that I love swapping, right?) I joined a birthday swap group almost three years ago, so this is our third round. We make each other something for our birthdays, and as I get older, I like that I can count on an amazing handmade gift each year. This was also a two for one project, as I tested this bag pattern for Radiant Home Studio. It’s the Penfield Pocket Tote, and I have a whole separate post and review planned for this bag project. I really like how this bag turned out, and I think it’s a great project for sewers of any level. Status: This tote is now comfortably living in Germany.


Because I have to keep piling on projects, here’s another mini quilt challenge. My quilt guild, the Vermont Modern Quilt Guild, issued this paint chip challenge in January. If we chose to participate, we chose paint chips from two separate bags. One was a chip with four colors, either in a green or gray color scheme, and the other was a single, accent color. I chose purple, but there were other options like red, orange, and yellow. We have to create something 18″ square by our April meeting, using each of the four main colors and no more than 10% of the accent color. There is also a possibility that our mini quilts will be hung at the Vermont Quilt Festival in June. I have had MANY different ideas for what I want to do, but I can at least recognize that most of those ideas would take me more time than I have. So I think I have found an easy paper piecing pattern that will have a really neat effect once finished. Status: Um. Well, I have the pattern chosen; just need to cut, piece, sandwich, and quilt, so, close to finished. I still have three weeks, right?


This is a Blanche Barrel Bag from Swoon Sewing Patterns that’s also on my table. It’s going to be sent as a surprise gift to a friend, so in theory, there is no deadline, but of course, the sooner the better. I started a few weeks ago, and had to take a break when I needed zippers from the store. I acquired said zippers and hardware, but just couldn’t get motivated to continue. So there it sits, waiting patiently. Status: Basically I need to sew in the main zipper, attach the sides, and insert the lining. Bam, done.

photo 3

Remember up above when I said I kept adding projects to my list? Here’s another, totally unnecessary one. As I was searching for solids for the paint chip challenge, I came across this cherry fabric. I thought it would make a great Pattern Runway Gathered Sundress. As I was debating whether or not to buy a few yards, I told myself “Well, it’s almost spring, right?” Haha. Then we had a blizzard two days later. However, since I’ve made a few of these sundresses now, I know that I can put one together somewhat quickly, although it is at the bottom of my list. Status: I have washed and dried my fabric, and my pattern pieces are already cut as well. That’s…a start.


Just yesterday, I joined a really awesome, as for now secret, blog tour that’s coming up in late May to celebrate Canada. Did you know Canada is turning 150 this year? Seems like the old gal is older than that, but officially she was born in 1867. I’m really excited about this one, because it involves bags and Canadian designers. I’m honored to be asked too, since I’m really only Half-nadian. Status: Stay tuned!

So as you see, I have been busy sewing and creating, but not writing. Sitting down and writing is difficult for me because I get distracted easily and have to take lots of breaks. Writing anything takes forever. Anyone else have the same problem?

Share with me what you’re working on right now!



2 thoughts on “Long Time, No Post.

  1. I knew you would come up with something cute for the Rte 66 fabric! Sure the recipient will love the purse! The Canada Celebration blog thing sounds very interesting. Looking forward to hearing more about it!

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