A Very Vermont Wedding Weekend

Ok so here are some things that I know: 1) It’s been a LONG time since I wrote a blog post. Suddenly working part time again plus normal summer activities plus trips meant that I was just so busy and sitting down to write didn’t happen. 2) I’m so sick of hearing/reading about/seeing/thinking about Donald Trump that I needed to do something to distract myself and hopefully distract others as well. 3) If you’re getting married at the height of summer, there is hardly a more beautiful place than the mountains of Vermont.

In mid-June, my husband’s cousin got married in Lincoln, Vermont, which is a small town about 45 minutes south of Burlington. Since I used to live and work in a nearby town with his aunt, I always love going back to visit. My husband also doesn’t get to visit his family stateside very often, so he likes to get down there when he can. And bonus, his grandma was visiting all the way from St. Kitts, so we definitely wanted to get some face time with her!

Is there a more beautiful setting for a wedding? Green Mountains in the background, Lincoln, VT.

I also just love weddings. Is it just me? My husband doesn’t understand why, but I think his reason has to do with getting dressed up. But really, there are very few reasons people have to dress up as adults, so I always jump at the opportunity. Plus there’s usually good food, open bar, music, dancing, and spending time with friends and family, so what’s not to like? Again, my husband doesn’t usually think past the having to wear slacks and a tie part, but I look at it as an opportunity to make myself something fun and new to wear. Which means picking out a pattern…

But I suppose I need to back up to my fabric choice. Many people who sew start with their pattern and then pick out the perfect fabric to make that pattern. I usually work the other way; start with the fabric and then find a pattern that I think will work. Mostly because I tend to buy fabric in bulk rather than a project at a time, but also because I feel like trying to find the perfect fabric for my pattern is just like chasing a unicorn. Luckily I already had a pile of fabric just chillin, waiting to be made into evening dresses.

I absolutely love the rayon from Cotton and Steel.  It’s soft and smooth and drapey, and it’s actually pretty simple to sew with. In January, I had the opportunity to stock up on C + S at extremely affordable prices.  I came home with, um 55 yards. I got a little bit of everything, and having been saving the rayon for something special. The suggested dress code for this wedding was vintage garden party, so I decided on my Paper Bandana in the bright blue colorway. The blue with the white flowers was just meant for a garden party. (My husband on the other hand was like, “What the F is vintage garden party?” I had to pick out his outfit).

OK, fabric chosen, next step was to find the right pattern. I have quite a few dress patterns in my ‘library’, but I didn’t feel like any of them were fancy enough for a wedding. I also needed a rayon compatible pattern as well. I’ve been wanting to make a drapey Saltspring Dress for years now, or even a Lonsdale Dress, but I don’t own those patterns and buying them wasn’t in my budget. So I did what I always do, I made yet another Washi Dress. I have made this pattern so many times that I know it fits, I know I can make it in a few hours, and I don’t even need to look at the directions at this point. To up the fancy factor, I made it a maxi length, and it ended up long and flowy and perfect. And let me just say, that if you haven’t made a Washi dress, this is a must-have pattern. It’s so simple, versatile, and flattering to any body type.

Perfect…except for that darn U-neckline. I understitched. I topstitched. I pressed. I starched. It would not stay put. So, it is what it is.

It was a hot summer day in Vermont and the rayon was so breezy and light, that it was the perfect choice. I’m really happy with how it turned out, but then again, I more or less already knew what the outcome would be, as this is my twelfth-ish Washi. 🙂 But of course,  you want to see the bride’s dress, don’t you?

Vintage and beautiful. And the shoes! The amazing setting for the reception here is her dad’s backyard.

And some more photos to round out the post:

My husband’s uncle (aka father of the bride) and the groom built this bridge for the guests to use.

I wanted to take a picture on this swing. My husband wanted to kill us. There are many, many more of these shots, all pretty much the same, me hanging on for dear life.

It’s not a Vermont wedding without someone wearing Keens with their suit.

Pattern: Washi Dress from Made by Rae, lengthened to a maxi.

Fabric: Blue Paper Bandana in Rayon from Cotton + Steel.

2 thoughts on “A Very Vermont Wedding Weekend

  1. Hi Tammy,
    You know, I noticed your dress at the wedding and I remember admiring it in my head and really liking the fabric but it never occurred to me that you made it. I should have known!
    Nice blog post and thanks for the landscaping kudos!
    Thanks for coming. Have a good winter. If that is possible.
    Ps. My best to Matthew


    1. Thanks Billy! It’s true, I make most of what I wear nowadays. I just recently saw the before photos of your backyard and I couldn’t believe the transformation! We had such a great time. 🙂


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