The Aspen Tunic from Serendipity Studio

Happy Thursday all! That means that tomorrow is Friday, which means it’s the weekend! My husband and I are planning to go to the Montreal Beer Festival, and I’ve never been before, so I’m extremely excited! I love beer, but with all the liquor laws where we live it’s difficult to get any sort of variety. Now that summer is creeping up and I’ll likely be outside more, I’m starting to sew more tops and dresses to wear (shorts too!). So this week I made an Aspen Tunic from Serendipity Studio in blue diamond rayon from Cotton and Steel.

Serendipity Studio is run by designer Kay Whitt, who is based in Texas, and I came across one of her patterns a few years ago at a quilt show. Last year, I was able to meet Kay in person at the International Quilt Market in Minneapolis, so naturally I bought three more patterns from her. I tend to gravitate towards designs that can be either top/tunic length or dress length. It makes my thrifty soul feel like I’m getting a two for one deal. I definitely have the dress planned for the future, but sometimes you’re limited by your materials at hand. In this case, I only had two yards of my coveted rayon, so I made the tunic version. And um, the diamonds on my sleeves are sideways because I didn’t have enough fabric, so yeah.


And I love it! Some of the instructions were a little confusing to me, in regards to clipping notches and cutting the armband, but there wasn’t anything that totally stumped me. Based on my measurements, I made an XXL, which was the largest size, so unfortunately this pattern will likely only fit up to a US size 12/14 woman. I made the pattern as is, with the only alteration being I took in the side seams about an extra half inch in the armpit area on each side.

Even though I measured a size XL for the bodice, for ease of cutting out the pattern pieces, I decided to use the same size for all pieces. This was not a PDF pattern, so you can only cut once! I think because my bodice was slightly larger than it needed to be, I ended up with droopy armpit-syndrome. I also think that while the length is just fine, it probably ended up a little shorter than it was supposed to as the pattern was drafted for a shorter person. One other detail that I liked was the instruction to topstitch most of the seam allowances.  I used teal thread rather than darker blue, so I ended up with really neat contrast stitching around the neckline and along the front and back yoke. (I did have a close up shot, but it was not cute).

main photo cropped

I made this tunic using some beautiful rayon from Cotton and Steel’s Frock line. I love their rayon. Ok I love all of their fabric. There, I said it! This is the second garment I’ve made with their rayon in the last two weeks, and it’s just wonderful. It feels so smooth and silky, it drapes really nicely, it air dries quickly (which I would recommend), and it’s pretty easy to sew with. Rayon is nice because it’s a woven textile, but stretchy as well. Sometimes you have to watch out for pins leaving holes, or your project getting so heavy that it wants to pull off the machine while you’re sewing, but if you go slow and pay attention, you’ll be totally fine. I also used a lower setting on my iron, usually the silk setting, so that I didn’t have any accidents or leave any marks.

Here I am chillin out back in my new top. Literally! It was so cold and windy today, even the dogs spent the day under a blanket on the couch. About halfway into this photo session, I realized that the chair was wet and my shorts were likely getting wet as well. Yay June in Montreal! Are you do anything interesting this weekend? Tell me about your plans below!

sitting cropped



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