Welcome! And what is ‘Liming’??

Hey, I’m so glad you found me! I’ve decided to (finally) start documenting my personal sewing journey. On average, I sew every day, or do something related to sewing; like cut out pattern pieces, prep quilt blocks, read sewing blogs, visit my sewing Facebook groups, or browse patterns and fabric that I’d love to purchase (but probably can’t afford). Hopefully I’ll remember to write as often as possible, but I may miss a project here and there.

OK, but I still haven’t told you what liming is.  I’m not referring to mining or leaching or anything toxic and dangerous like that. Besides, come on guys, that has nothing to do with sewing.  No, liming is something much more fun. If you’re from the Caribbean, or have spent time in the Caribbean, then you already know.  If you haven’t, then I think the best way to define liming is by this definition which I pulled from Urban Dictionary:

“The concept of liming encompasses any leisure activity entailing the sharing of food and drink, the exchange of tall stories, jokes and anecdotes etc., provided the activity has no explicit purpose beyond itself.”

Doesn’t that sound like FUN?  Basically, liming is just sitting around and chatting, usually while enjoying a beverage, and preferably within a stone’s throw of an ocean.  I mean, sewers and seamstresses all have stories.  About slicing off part of their finger with a rotary blade. Or measuring 6 times and still cutting wrong. Melting something onto our iron. Trimming seams and then accidentally trimming our actual project too.  Having to use our seam ripper after every. single. step.  Or needing to put the project in the time out pile.  BTW, what is the male version of seamstress? Seamster? I’ve determined that there isn’t one because sewing has traditionally been relegated to women. But I digress…

So that’s what I’d like this blog to be.  Just hanging out and chatting about sewing and interesting sewing related things.  And of course I’d love for you to read while enjoying some sort of beverage too. I’m partial to Mojito’s and G&T’s.  I have so many ideas that I’m excited to explore, so get your comfy chair ready to lime.


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