Making it Modern

In January of 2015, I decided that I needed some sort of social outlet to get me out of the house. Winter in Montreal is harsh, and most people have a tendency to hibernate.  It can be a very depressing season, and it is very easy for me to not leave the house for days on end. While I do still sew, I like to make myself mostly dresses and tops, which I won’t be able to wear for another four months, so I wanted to branch out into another form of sewing that could carry me through the winter. So I joined the Modern Quilt Guild! Continue reading

Me Made May ’16

A few years ago, a movement started in the online sewing community called Me Made May. It encourages people to wear something they’ve made each day in May.  The idea is to bring attention to the work that goes in to making your own clothing, and to maybe step away from clothing that is produced in sweatshop conditions. I have to assume that they chose May because Continue reading

Welcome! And what is ‘Liming’??

Hey, I’m so glad you found me! I’ve decided to (finally) start documenting my personal sewing journey. On average, I sew every day, or do something related to sewing; like cut out pattern pieces, prep quilt blocks, read sewing blogs, visit my sewing Facebook groups, or browse patterns and fabric that I’d love to purchase (but probably can’t afford). Hopefully I’ll remember to write as often as possible, but I may miss a project here and there. Continue reading